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There's no doubt that the bear market is here and has impacted the whole industry. How should you ride out the downturn?Since April, the cryptocurrency market has been in a severe downturn.Bitcoin is down by 70% from all-time highs, while Ethereum is down 80%.
Goldman Sachs is seeking investors to raise $2B to buy Celsius assets if it files for bankruptcy following recent liquidity issuesGoldman Sachs is allegedly shopping around for investors to form a web3 fund to purchase Celsius assets.The multinational investment bank is raising $2 billion from a wide range of funds to take advantage of a potential discount on Celsius crypto assets.
The Lido team submitted a governance proposal discussing the pros and cons of limiting its share of Ethereum staking.Lido community members have begun debating whether the staking service provider should limit its share of staked Ethereum because of the systemic centralization risk this poses to the blockchain network.
Last year, Singapore was gearing up to be a global crypto hub. Now the regulators are hardening their approach.As recently as last year, Singapore was positioning itself to become a global crypto hub. But with the downtrend and the liquidity crisis in the market, regulators are hardening their stance.
Many celebrities who displayed their NFTs as avatars are removing them from their social media due to the depressing sentiment of the market.Most celebrities who bought and displayed NFTs as social media avatars are now removing them amid the harsh crypto winter, which has led to a downturn in NFTs as well.
Miners on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are feeling the pinch as falling token prices put pressure on the least efficient miners.Electricity consumption on some of the biggest crypto networks dropped by as much as 50%, as depressed token prices forced miners to shut shop, according to the Guardian.
There's no doubt that the bear market is here and has impacted the whole industry. How should you ride out the downturn?Since April, the cryptocurrency market has been in a severe downturn.Bitcoin is down by 70% from all-time highs, while Ethereum is down 80%.
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24 hours ago
The futures contracts will be cash-settled and sized at one one-hundredth of a #Bitcoin as to be better suited to retail traders.
The Coinbase Derivatives Exchange is gearing up to launch a cash-settled Bitcoin futures contract via third-party brokers.
20 hours ago
Game of telephone. During my live interview with Yahoo earlier, I said 50 to 100. The clip is online. It become 5200 somehow by one journalist somewhere... And even CMC reposted the "news". 😂
20 hours ago
Last night this blue beam Bored Ape went for $450K USD at the Moonlight Gala all while Leo Di Caprio was just casually chillin there! Ape was donated by FTX, and all proceeds went to charity.
4 hours ago
perhaps they are unaware that laser eyes is one of the most iconic super powers of all time and glowing eyes is an ancient internet trope.
2 hours ago
#TRON total users just surpassed 100 million. It is just a beginning of our mass adoption journey! Always remember there are 7 billion people on this planet!
15 hours ago
God they hate Bitcoin. Even when it could help their cause.
Axie Infinity traders should know this reason behind 40.66% rally of AXS
43 minutes ago
Cardano [ADA] forms a triangle pattern- Assessing if gains can be attained
3 hours ago
‘NBA Top Shot’ leads with a 901.95% spike in sales volume while BAYC…
4 hours ago
Can Metaverse technology enhance human-AI efficiency?
4 hours ago
Boys Club’s Parker Jay-Pachirat on Bringing Inclusivity to Web3
4 hours ago
Defi Dapps DNS Attacked
4 hours ago
How to find opportunities in a bear market
6 hours ago
Ripple To Hire 50 Engineers For Its New Crypto Hub In Canada
6 hours ago
XRP Price Analysis: Will the Price Surge By 34% to Hit $0.5 By the Month-End?
6 hours ago
Cryptogames Review: Leading Online-based Crypto Casino
6 hours ago
LBank Exchange Will List Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX) on June 27, 2022
7 hours ago
How The Qualities Of Bitcoin Baffle Nocoiners
7 hours ago
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Large amount of USDT transferred out of OKX exchange
2294846 USDT were transferred OKX out of exchange, which is worth about $2.3 million.
Top 10 Crypto Whales on Wall Street
Top 10 Crypto Whales on Wall StreetThere are quite a number of things that can affect the stability of the crypto market, some of which include government regulations, demarketing, and scarcity. And there’s something else that can potentially manipulate the value of cryptocurrencies as much as its adoption: Cryptocurrency Whales.
Large amount of USDT transferred to Binance exchange
2099999 USDT were transferred Binance to exchange, which is worth about $2.1 million.
Blockchain For Beginners: What Is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide
What is blockchain technology? What makes it so important?Imagine a world where you can send money directly to someone without a bank – in seconds instead of days, and you don’t pay exorbitant bank fees.Or one where you store money in an online wallet not tied to a bank, meaning you are your own bank and have complete control over your money.
Blockchain For Beginners: Getting Started Guide
If you are looking for beginners guide to blockchain, then we can help you out. Here, we will go through every single element within the blockchain ecosystem and understand how this technology really works.Blockchain for beginners is one of the most searched keywords on the internet.
Blockchain Tutorial – A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Technology
The growth of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has been so rapid, that even those who haven’t heard of cryptocurrency or know about its working, are looking to invest and explore this field. This Blockchain tutorial blog will essentially provide you with all the fundamental knowledge you need regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain in the following sequence:
How to set up a Bitcoin wallet?
There are many Bitcoin wallets out there, and all of them differ in their characteristics. Mobile software wallets are great for day-to-day use, while desktop software wallets bring about a great balance between convenience and security. Lightweight web wallets are the best choice for quick online transactions.
How To Make A Bitcoin Paper Wallet?
If you’ve learned about ways to store Bitcoin, you have probably heard of the Bitcoin paper wallet. Since it is a highly secure way to store your stash, you must be wondering how to make a Bitcoin paper wallet. It is simply a public and...
Best Hot & Cold Bitcoin Wallets (Updated 2020)
We need a digital wallet to store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies when we buy them. The digital wallet is web-based or can be accessed using the Internet. Through the digital wallet, we can send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptos from any address.The storage or transaction of cryptocurrencies is based on digital keys, addresses, and digital signatures.
A Beginner's Guide to NFTs: What You Should Know
Let’s say that somebody gave you a Leonardo Da Vinci painting. At first, you probably wouldn’t believe that it was a Da Vinci original. But if the person who gave you the painting was trustworthy, you might search for the nearest art expert...
What Is An NFT?
What Is An NFT?NFT stands for 'non-fungible token'. When something is fungible, like a dollar bill, it is equivalent to, and can thus be exchanged for, any other dollar bill. In contrast, a non-fungible token is a unique asset in digital form that cannot be exchanged for any other NFT.
Beginner's Guide to NFTs: What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?
Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that are provably unique. They can be used to represent both tangible and intangible items.In briefNon-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographically unique tokens that are linked to digital (and sometimes physical) content, providing proof of ownership.
What Is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?
DeFi is a term for financial applications that use blockchains instead of banks.In BriefDeFi, shorthand for “decentralized finance,” is a catchall term for a group of financial tools built on a blockchain.The idea is to allow anyone with internet access to lend, borrow and bank without going through middlemen.